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Thank you so much for stopping by! You are here because you have been invited into my new Brand Ambassador Program. This post is going to tell you about the program and how you can be a part of it. If you're looking for a regular session with no strings attached, go ahead and hit the contact me button and send me an email or give me a call; but if you're interested in a free session in exchange for some work... Keep on scrolling!

We all know that most businesses in general, get their clients through word of mouth. My business is no different! I noticed when clients posts about their sessions with me and share photos from their sessions, I get lots of great feedback and a tremendous amount of traffic via my Facebook page. Not all my clients choose to publish their images and that is totally fine with me, though obviously that doesn't help with getting my brand out there for potential new clients to learn about me.

So, I have decided to start this new program specifically for that reason! Starting in March 2020, I am starting the new Brand Ambassador program for newborns, family, maternity and child sessions!


What is a Brand Ambassador and what do I have to do?

A Brand Ambassador is first and foremost someone who loves Lindsey Michelle Photography and the work that I produce. You must like me (obviously lol), and my images so much that you are happy to share my work and recommend to friends, family, and just about anyone!

I am looking for people that are social media savvy, and will actively interact with my Facebook, and Instagram pages. I hope to build a LMP VIP Group this year, but that will also be a factor - being active in that group as well! This can be as simple as a like, or even commenting - sharing is the winner! This helps introduce my business to as many people as possible. The way algorithms work, the more interaction a post has, the more people see it. Gaining referrals is a requirement and how you earn rewards!

There will be one spot available for each category. 

Maternity, Newborn, Family & Children

You may be a Brand Ambassador more than once; however, not consecutive years.


What do I expect of my Brand Ambassadors?

  • Must be a previous LMP client

  • Must be active on social media - both Instagram and Facebook

  • Must be willing to share and tag Lindsey Michelle Photography photos on social media

  • Actively interact with Lindsey Michelle Photography's Facebook and Instagram page; liking, commenting and sharing.

  • Be involved in at least two Facebook Groups where you can recommend Lindsey Michelle Photography

  • Outgoing and not afraid to talk about Lindsey Michelle Photography to friends, family and just about anyone (fear not, this is no MLM... no need to shove it down anyone's throat - but if they bring up needing photos, or mention yours, PLUG!)

  • Must be willing to do the style of photography I request, and potentially make inexpensive purchases in regard to wardrobe for sessions - they will be styled, and amazing

  • Must be willing to have hair and makeup professionally done (this applies to the mamas, of course)

  • Must be comfortable in front of the camera


What will you receive as a Brand Ambassador?

  • Two complimentary sessions in the category you have been chosen, one in each half of the year.
    For Maternity you may choose a Lifestyle Newborn session for your second session, or you may choose a Milestone session for your child. For Newborn you may choose a Family session for your second session, or you may choose a Milestone session for your child.

  • 25 professionally edited images from each session with a watermark for sharing weekly social media sharing (posting one image per week for the duration of your 'ship), corresponding high resolution images without a watermark will be sent at the 6 month and 12 month mark of your Brand Ambassadorship. 

  • For each referral, you will receive a $50 cash reward

  • Brand Ambassadors receive a 25% discount on any sessions booked the year following their Brand Ambassadorship



Once accepted, you will be given an appointment for your personalized phone consultation to go over all the things, and choose a date for your first session. During your 12 months as a Lindsey Michelle Photography Brand Ambassador, I will post ONE photo per week from your session, I expect you to share this photos post to your personal Facebook and Instagram pages (Instagram via Stories) on a weekly basis, interact with the Facebook page, future VIP Group and Instagram page. 

To help you refer others, I will also give any new clients who you refer a 20% discount off any full priced photography session.

Your time as Brand Ambassador will last for 12 months, and during this time you must not promote any other photographers. If you do not follow all of the requirements as a Brand Ambassador your time with LMP will be terminated and you will not receive your high resolution unwatermarked images. 


Ready to become a Brand Ambassador?! 

Once this form is received and accepted, I will email you a welcome package with all the information you need to know and instructions on how to become Lindsey Michelle Photography's first Brand Ambassadors of 2021!