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The Winters Family!

August 15, 2017

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How Long Have You Been Doing This?

May 14, 2017

Well, it seems to be the most common question asked during sessions, or even in every day conversations outside of the studio. 'So, how long have you been doing this?' Well, it's a big, hairy answer! The simple one, is since 2009. But the complex one, is, I picked up my first camera in 2009. Annapolis, Maryland, a Nikon D80, with a kit lens - I couldn't even tell you which one, anymore. I found a friend who'd known a local girl who wanted to get some portfolio photos taken for her modeling, and we went from there. We wandered down to the Chesapeake Bay, and I had her waddle out onto a pier, while I waded out (yes, waded) with my camera high above my head to avoid any waves hitting it. With water up to my neck, I took my very first fashion shot. Within a few weeks, I'd turned my apartment dining room, into my own little photography nook - we'd just have to eat dinner on the floor for all I cared! I had a large backdrop, two continuous studio lights, and my camera. To be quite frank, I hardly ever used it - I can recall two separate occasions. Fashion and models just weren't something I found passion in. 

Fast forward to 2012, I had my hands on a Canon. Now, I'm a Nikon girl - I know nothing about Canon's, and can't even tell you what model body it was. But I had my photography desires still burning inside, so I found yet another model - I knew I had a passion for a camera, but I'd just hope that maybe this time around the models would be different! Spring Lake, NC - just outside of Fort Bragg, I found a model and we snapped away. Yet, I still couldn't find the passion I knew was burning... so I again, put down the camera.