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August 15, 2017

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Why do Photographers charge so much?

May 24, 2017

Here's a question I see all over the internet, on every forum and every Facebook group... a disconnect between clients, and photographers - and why their photographers prices are what they are.


Most people simply don't realize what expenses go into being a professional photographer. The equipment, the props, backdrops, insurance, not to mention, being able to support their family. It's at no fault of their own, of course - because how many people would shop for these items if they weren't photographers?


As I've stated in previous posts, I'm a Nikon girl - don't know much about Canon, so I cannot speak for their equipment. Though, I have noticed while upgrading equipment and adding to my business, that Canon seems to be more wallet friendly, maybe I should switch lol. 


The most affordable professional camera that Nikon offers currently is the D750. New, this camera body comes with a price take of just about $1,500. That's not including a lens, which - if you're not aware, you definitely need to photograph anything lol.


Lenses can range from a couple hundred dollars (say, three) up to over $2,000. Backdrops can also range, from $60 to around $100. Trainings, to ensure we are up to date on the safety posings, and how to safely execute them. From webinars to in person workshops! 

Props? Well, that depends how thrifty your photog is... I've found some amazing props at old antique shops, or even Goodwill - though, there are plenty of vendors who make brand new props usually $75 and up. From wraps, to backdrops, tie backs, furs, flokatis, hats, little adorable outfits! 


Lighting! An Alienbee from the wonderful Paul C. Buff is around $300 or up, not to mention the softbox, or umbrella, stands, etc. 


We are constantly purchasing new props, new colors, new tiebacks. Constantly purchasing new equipment to ensure that your photos look their absolute best! As you can see, when you add up all of the above expenses, photographers invest a ton into their craft. They invest to give you the best images they possibly can, and to give you a completely safe experience.


Regardless of who your photographer is, whether it be myself, or another - please know that we don't choose prices that seem high simply because we want to 'charge too much,' but that we spend a lot of time going through our cost of doing business - our equipment, props, insurance, etc., our costs of goods - how much it costs us to provide this service. Photographers spend days editing your session - it doesn't simply end once your session is over. 


Quality photography can be expensive, depending upon where you live, and who your photographer is - but quality photography is worth every penny. Sometimes, we have to save up for things we want, or things that we truly value. It may be a hard pill to swallow, to imagine spending more than $100 for a photographer for you, and there's nothing wrong with that. It truly depends upon what you're looking for, and what your end goal is. Everyone values different things... I hate spending more than $20 on a shirt - until I realized I was spending more buying new ones every time they fell apart in the washer machine. Please see my other post about investing in your families memories for more information on why it's worth the investment!


We invest in us, so that you feel comfortable investing in you! 




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